Hail Damage Roof Repair

Hail damage to roofs in Dallas is a very real hardship that many residents have to endure. Though many may underestimate the power of a hailstorm, its resulting damage can be devastating. Here at Dane Roofing Company, we understand the experience you’re going through, which is why we offer hail damage roof repair for very reasonable rates in and around the Dallas area.

hail damage roof repair clay tile roofMany homeowners simply do not realize the underlying damage that a severe hailstorm can create. Many peoples’ roofs will undergo structural damage as well as cosmetic. This structural damage is tricky because it is not obviously visible. This is why our dedicated team here at Dane Roofing Company is here to help. As well as hail damage roof repair, we offer Dallas residents peace of mind with our thorough and in-depth inspections for hail damage on roofs.

What kinds of damage can hail cause?

Unsurprisingly, hail damage can affect roofs in a number of different ways depending on its speed, strength, and wind direction. The materials your roof is made from (and how old they are) can also be significant factors that hail damage roof repair specialists must take into account. Here are a few of the main things that may affect the hail damage sustained by your roof.

-Asphalt shingles damage:  These shingles’ granules protect them from UV radiation and harsh weather conditions. Extensive damage to their granules can subsequently decrease their lifespan and render them useless.

-Slate roof hail damage: The impact of hail can easily crack or displace slate roofs. The damage sustained by a slate roof in the face of hail damage is often scattered and random, with many slates often falling off the roof entirely.

-Wood shingles damage: Hail impact can crack wood shingles along the grain, and this can cause parts of shingles to break loose and fall off.

Here at the Dane Roofing Company, we provide hail damage roof repair and peace-of-mind free roof inspections that rival all our competitors in the Dallas area. We also act as advisers to adjusters for insurance companies if your roof has sustained hail damage. It is of the utmost importance that you hire a reliable and trustworthy roofing company to consult with insurance adjusters on the true extent of hail damage to your roof.

Dane Roofing Company provides hail damage roof repair, free damage inspections, and many more services to residents in the Dallas area who have been unfortunate enough to experience this terrible phenomenon. Allow us to help you through it with our professionalism and affordable prices.

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