Roof Repair Needed Before I Sell My Home?

It may be worth taking some time to consider roof repair if you plan to sell your home in the near future.

It’s advisable to have your home’s roof inspected by a professionally qualified roofer before you list your home or have it appraised. You surely want your roof to be in tip-top condition before trying to sell your home!

An unsightly roof or one that has hail damage will (unsurprisingly) diminish the selling price of your property. You should really look into having your roof cleaned, repaired or replaced entirely before you try to interest any potential buyers. A questionable-looking roof is not going to keep buyers interested unless you’re selling your home for very little, and we hope that isn’t the case!

Will my roof’s condition really affect my property’s value?

A weak or unsightly roof is undoubtedly going to put off any long-term buyers of your property. For most people, a property is a long-term investment; they want to be able to live in it for years to come!

damage from hail needs roof repair
Hail Damaged Peak Needs Roof Repair

If your home is compared to a similarly-priced home with a structurally-sound roof, which house do you think they will lean towards? The one that will (literally) put a roof over their heads!

If people want to buy your house despite a faulty roof, they are likely to make you offers that are significantly lower, as they are taking this impending roof maintenance into account for their budget. It is therefore of the utmost importance that you have your roof repaired, maintained and cleaned before listing and valuing your property.

You’ll then be able to use this recent repair as an advantageous selling point. Think about it: “recently renovated roof” gives potential buyers peace-of-mind that the house’s structural integrity is not compromised, and they are therefore much more likely to make you an offer. You may even end up with a bidding war on your hands!

Roof repair or replacement is essentially an investment that is likely to boost your property’s market price, along with any other renovations you may undertake.

Your new roof may even pay for itself!

Statistics continually show that you will receive plenty of your roof investment money back when you come to sell your home.

According to Remodeling Magazine, the addition of a newly-installed roof boosts a typical property’s resale value by around $12,000.

Considering that the average price for a complete roof replacement hovers at around $10,000, that could leave you around $2,000 better off in the end!

Figures demonstrate that homeowners in North Texas who install a new roof will recover around 69% of the installation costs from the subsequent rise in their home’s value. According to these facts, replacing your home’s roof adds more property value than a backup generator or an additional bathroom. Not bad, eh?

Roofs as a Visual Selling Point

When it comes to real estate, the power of your home’s aesthetic is undeniable. Do you want your potential buyers to turn up to your property and be immediately put off by an unsightly or outdated roof? A clean, stylish, and well-maintained roof only adds to your home’s immediate visual selling power.

energy star rated roofsIf you’re looking for attractive and long-lasting roof repair solutions, it may be worth considering premium grade asphalt shingles. These shingles efficiently reflect the sun’s rays and can significantly lower A/C costs. Some types of roofing technology even possess the coveted ENERGY STAR rating, inevitably adding value to your home.

Impress the building inspectors with your pristine roof!

Professional building appraisers and inspectors scrutinize every house on the real estate market. Their in-depth analysis will put you in their good books when they discover your shipshape roof, boosting your home’s market value!

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